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Below Are Some Of The 

Miracles Happened To 

The Parishoners And Faithful

 That Visited The Shrine Of

 Padre Pio

A child who fell in a irrigation

A child fell in irrigation with insecticide and said that the child is clinically dead; the grandfather of the child keeps on praying in her room under the intercession of Padre Pio then after 30 minutes the mother texted her grandfather and said that her grandson is alive.

The eyes of the statue of Padre Pio seems to have a Cataract *katarata*

One day father Jojo and some care taker notice that the eye of the statue of Padre Pio seems to have a Cataract then afterwards Fr. Jojo called the one who makes the statue and he said after 40 years he didn’t see anything like it. Then they change the eye and after a couple of day a child with her parents came and said that Padre Pio helped there Three years old child that is blind since birth and the child keep on saying this word “Alamat po padre io”.

The guy who donated the belfry

A guy stopped at the Padre Pio Parish then he looks for Father Jojo and said “father I don’t know what am i doing here?” then Father Jojo said “I know, Padre Pio want you to help us” then the guy ask “what can I do to help” father said “You can donate the belfry” Then the guy approved without a doubt.

Sweet scent of padre Pio

One of the miracles of Padre Pio is the sweet scent of Padre Pio, Then Sister Arceli while washing some clothes a she suddenly smell a sweet scent then she looks who’s perfume is that then she look inside their house but no one’s there then she also look to her neighbours house because his neighbour love to use perfume but they are sleeping so she just close her eyes then said thank you padre Pio.

The girl who drink the Holy water with holy oil that came from the Holy Fountain

A girl is undergoing a dialysis then she said “I don’t know what I’m going to do” then she schedule herself to read during masses then she get some water from the holy fountain then put some holy oil then she drink it and after a week she is clear.

The old couple that wish to have a baby

An old couple went to the shrine to wish for a baby and afterwards the Wife became pregnant in the age of 44 years old.

Thank you for sending us your prayer. We will help you to obtain your intercession. For healing causes please visit the shrine of Padre Pio in San Pedro Sto. Tomas Batangas theres a Healing Mass every 23 of the month except May the healing mass for the month of may will be may 25 please be guided that theres also a healing mass every first and third saturday of the month. Pray,Hope And Don't Worry - St.Padre Pio :> God Bless You
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