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You will ask why Cardinal Rosales picked Padre Pio as the patron saint of the parish. Fr. Jojo said it is because Cardinal Rosales see the blessedness of padre Pio and he is also known as the saint of our times and he just died on 1968. After the canonization of Padre Pio the Church was approved to be a parish by Cardinal Rosales in 2003 And Approved by Archbishop Ramon Arguelles to be a shrine in 2006. But Cardinal Rosales thought the shrine will not be famous because it’s too far to the main road but it is the opposite because thousand of Faithful flocked everyday to the shrine and especially when there’s a healing mass.

Father Jojo met Father Jermilindo De Capua a one of the two a live priests who nourished Padre Pio when he is still alive. He even motivates Fr. Jojo to keep on building of the shrine and became her inspiration in Constructing and making the shrine. He even gave the two relics that can be found on the sanctuary of the shrine. Father Jojo told us that the relic is there to help us encounter god using the intercession of padre Pio, to evangelize and lastly to receive blessings.

Architectural Design of the church envisioned is Rev. Fr. Joselin “Jojo” C. Gonda; the newly built church is a product of a nature and eco-friendly, Filipino and tropical design. Wood, Stone, Bamboo, and sasa define the Filipino character of the structure. The roof of the church is shaped like a giant salakot to remind the faithful of how God protect us from all evil and harm just as how the salakot protects farmers and fisherman from the rains and from the heat of the sun, The whole concept created a unique, serene, and welcoming church that naturally draws people to pray and be inspired by God and nature.

The shrine is still ongoing and the target money to finish the shrine is Fifty Million. The outgoing constructions of the shrine is the Belfry that have also a story and became a miracle for the shrine it’s in the next page, and also the Convent that was for the deacons, Nuns and other priest that will come and visit the shrine, there’s also the landscaping of the shrine especially in the parking area , the parish hall for the councils and other organizations of the parish like Parish Youth Council , YFC , CFC , SFC , Altar knights , Apostoladong Panalangin ,Knights of Columbus, Stigma Choir , BLC and etc.

Padre Pio RC Church

Please be guided that the church in the map is pointing to the main parish. So when you're on the main parish you should use the Santo Tomas-Lipa Rd  to enter the shrine if theres some question please ask us using the guestbook. ThankYou

One of the attraction in the shrine of padre Pio is the Jubilee Cross where you can see in the front side facing the crowed is the holy family and on the backside facing the altar is the holy trinity but according to Sister Arceli the one who wrote the dalit ni padre Pio said that they will rotate the cross during the ash Wednesday and make the holy trinity face the crowed. There’s also the Station of the cross that is colour gold place around the shrine that is donated by different people. There’s also the adoration chapel where the healing for a little group of people take place. Especially the very creative architecture of the church.

On the other side we met the one who is responsible on creating the song dalit Ni padre Pio. His name is Arceli Masajo Carimpong she also tell us the miracles that happened in the shrine and to the parishioners that always come and visit the shrine to have blessings.