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Announcement: Theres a GRAND HEALING MASS this coming June 28 2013 , 9:00am in Padre Pio Shrine San Pedro Sto.Tomas Batangas. The healing mass will be led by Fr.Joey Faller and Fr. Jojo Gonda. Theres also a mass celebration in the afternoon that will be led by Bishop Salvador Quizon, Bishop Emilio Marquez and Bishop Rey Evangelista.


Announcement:  Please be reminded that the Healing Mass For May will be held on May 25 because it is the 126th birthday of St. Padre Pio 

Padre Pio shrine is a church that is dedicated for St. Padre Pio a capuchin priest from Italy and also the first stigmatic priest in history. The said shrine is founded by Cardinal Rosales that once been the Archbishop of lipa that is now replaced by Archbishop Ramon Arguelles. The current rector and parish priest is Most Rev. Joselin Gonda from Bauan Batangas according to the faithful he have been a miracle for the San Pedro parish because there’s no priest that want to accept the letter from the archbishop to be the Parish priest of the stated parish because it’s a big work and the parish don’t have enough money to build the shrine.

Through meaning attribution, Fr. Jojo, the Parish Priest and Rector of St. Padre Pio Parish & Shrine, has developed a culture of generosity and sense of ownership of the church among the faithful in the last three years which led to the speedy construction of the church. Generous friends and benefactors of the shrine have continually helped in constructing a church that is eco-friendly with a Filipino design. However, much help is still needed for the development of the whole shrine. The church’s flooring is not yet in place Mono block chairs and temporarily being used because we still need to make pews. Likewise, the priest’s convent, the parish hall, and enough restrooms still need to be constructed. The whole area also needs landscaping. They are therefore counting on everybody’s generosity to make their dream of building a beautiful shrine in honour of St. Padre Pio a reality.

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Theres a healing mass every 1st, 3nd Saturday of the month and also every 23rd of the month